Monday, 6 March 2017

Elena's Lemon Battery Experiment

Elena asked me to post her class's experiment to make lemon batteries.

She divided the class into groups and got individuals from each group to bring in the different components for the experiment - eg. bring six 1 cent coins. They lit up their red LEDs and one of students explained that, thanks to the citric acid in the lemons, the electricity could flow between the different metals of the electrodes!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Electrical conductivity demonstration

I tried to demonstrate electrical conductivity of solutions on Friday, but I failed to follow my own circuit diagram from my notes.  I hadn't played with the experiment for nearly a year - therefore demonstrating the importance of having a quick practice before class - so I've repeated it at home and here are some photos of what is should look like:

Uploaded notes from workshop on 3rd March

Hello All,
this is a link to access the powerpoint slides that I used on Friday:
These are links to teaching notes and worksheets for the activities that I talked about:

1 Population experiment with shells
I will write a correlation experiment for the sexto book that I'm about to start.

2 Quantifying with grids mould experiment
Epxeriments 10 and 11 in the cuarto book also use grid quantification.

3 Cress seed growth, photosynthesis and averages

4 Starch testing with iodine
This experiment is about plant carbohydrate storage, but I am going to write a food testing experiment for the sexto book.

5 Microscopy with plant cells

6 Melting circus worksheet
Table two of this circus contains melting point measuring.

7 Cooling curve, designing insulation

8 Measuring pH with red cabbage experiment worksheet
8 Measuring pH with red cabbage cup labels

9 Combustion experiment to calculate the amount of oxygen in air - I will include this in the sexto book.

10 Measuring density experiment worksheet
10 Simple density experiment for younger students

11 Electrical conductivity of materials and solutions

Hope these are useful.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Taller de actividades 3 Marzo 2017

We did a workshop today for teachers from two schools in Alcobendas.  I demonstrated some experiments, we talked about different ways of measuring and I showed the participants some ideas for making their science classes more hands on and collaborative.
Many thanks to the participants for coming to listen after a long day in the classroom.  This was the first time that I have given a demonstration of this type so please feel free to advise me more about what areas of the curriculum you find most challenging and any other problems or ideas that you might have.  One hour (approx) was not very long.......I could have gone on for hours!


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mini dia de formacion

Hola todas,
vamos a hacer el taller de formación en el cole el día 3 de marzo a las 17:30.  Tardará una hora más o menos.