Saturday, 23 September 2017

Mini Chemical Reactions - Primero hasta tercero de primaria

This is a very simple and controlled way for children to explore chemical reactions with relatively little mess.  I made jelly from the purple water from boiled red cabbage and I allowed it to gel in a plastic container (a thin layer).

To the thin layer of purple jelly, you can add drops of lemon juice, vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and ammonia (if supervised).  Acids make the jelly turn from purple to pink and alkalis make it turn blue, green and even yellow.  We used pipettes (or syringes) to add drops and the colour changes are reversible.


Adding sodium bicarbonate at acid on the jelly makes carbon dioxide bubbles and the colour changes were quite beautiful.  Plus my kids were fascinated by the texture of the jelly and by using the pipettes to transfer liquids.  You could photograph the mixtures and have a science-art project!

You need:
  • plastic containers
  • red cabbage
  • gelatine
  • lemon juice
  • vinegar
  • sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water
  • (diluted ammonia - small group supervised activity)
  • pipettes or syringes
  • containers for the lemon juice, vinegar and sodium bicarbonate 
 Good experimental chemistry with surprisingly little mess!

Friday, 15 September 2017

New School Year!

September is here and we´re all super busy.  Firstly, if you have material from last term, please send it to me to post.  Secondly, Nieves and I were talking about maybe doing another workshop at the end of October.  If you have ideas or requests for what to do, please tell us.

Septiembre ha llegado y estamos super ocupados.  Primera cosa, si tienes material/fotos del año pasado para subir al blog por favor mandármelas para que puede incluirlas.  Segunda cosa, Nieves y yo estamos pensando en tener otro taller al fin de octubre.  Si tienes ideas o sugerencias sobre temas por favor dinos.

Un saludo